Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What fees or charges can I expect from Vending Management Services?
A: Unlike some companies, Vending Management Services offers our vending management services at no cost to you!

Q: Does my company need to have multiple locations to qualify as a VMS client?
A: NO! While certain services may hold more value for companies with, multiple locations we can satisfy the vending needs of larger single-location companies as well.

Q: Why should I NOT let individual locations handle and manage their respective vending programs?
A: The time and efforts of your associates should be focused on meeting the goals and objectives of your core business – NOT wasted on issues surrounding setting-up and monitoring the refreshment vending.

Q: Whom do I call if I have a problem with deliveries, equipment failure, etc.?
A: The toll-free number for Vending Management Services is placed on all soft drink and snack vending equipment. ONE call to ONE number eliminates the need to deal with multiple vending operators and is all that it takes to assure that equipment once again becomes clean, filled, and working.

Q: Besides generating revenue and having a central point of contact for service calls, why is it critical to have Vending Management Services manage my refreshment vending?
A: Part of the role that Vending Management Services plays is that of keeping you informed of current industry trends in regards to packages, products, pricing, and equipment. This assures you that you are not only maximizing your potential revenue stream but are also maintaining a high level of customer/consumer satisfaction.

Q: I do not have time to deal with vending. What do I need to do once I agree to the Vending Management Services program?
A: The impact on your time is minimal! Aside from sending out an initial notice to all locations, your involvement will be limited to periodic business reviews (Unless OPENING YOUR COMMISSION CHECK is considered involvement!)

Q: My locations use what little funds that may have been generated from vending to support employee parties, etc. Can this practice be continued?
A: Absolutely! Vending Management Services will maximize the revenues and can direct the payment to locations or to the corporate office. Either way, a detailed statement indicating the revenues generated by location will be issued to assure single-source accountability.

Q: I hear complaints from some locations about vending (pricing, selection, service, etc.) while other locations seem to be pleased with their provider? Can this situation be resolved?
A: Once again, Vending Management Services can solve the problem surrounding consistency. By dealing with through large network of soft drink and snack suppliers, Vending Management Services will guarantee consistency via compliance to the agreed-upon program.

Q: I have been told that the only way to gain benefits from a “national” program is to sell one brand exclusively. Is this correct?
A: NO! While there may be situations whereby this approach meets your corporate goals and objectives, Vending Management Services utilizes a “freedom of choice” approach that offers flexibility while maintaining consistency.

Q: I want to offer the lowest vend price possible as a benefit to my employees. Can you satisfy this need?
A: Yes! Once again, Vending Management Services works WITH YOU to design a program to meet YOUR objectives, then monitors the program to assure compliance.

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