A Few Success Stories

ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MEMBER – AMERICAN HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATION For the past four years, VMS has managed the soft drink vending for a large national long-term care company. In March, 2001, this company expanded the relationship by granting VMS the rights to manage the snack vending in all locations. According to the Vice President of Contract Purchasing, this decision was based on the following: • Our track record of success with this company.
  • The timeliness and accuracy of our commission payments to them.
  • Our responsiveness to any service needs that arise in their locations.
  • The quality of the people at VMS.
VMS is now listed as the ONLY approved supplier for refreshment services in their Authorized Vendor listing.

A national retail chain chose VMS to manage the refreshment services in their 60+ locations. VMS has served to facilitate dialogue between this group and a major soft drink supplier to deliver local marketing programs to the locations. As part of our agreement, VMS was able to not only generate a revenue stream from vending – which now is used to help subsidize funding of some of their employee benefits programs – but also reduce other refreshment expenditures that have historically been absorbed by the locations. The decision-maker has now asked VMS to explore other areas in which we might be able to provide services to their company.

One of the largest trucking and logistics companies in the United States was seeking ways in which to fund their NASCAR racing program. Our location surveys revealed that the refreshment vending in their locations was very fragmented and generating little revenue. VMS developed and implemented a vending management program that allowed for consistency and flexibility in regards to service levels, packages, and brand availability in the 200+ locations across the country. The program continues to generate significant revenues and is a key component in their successful NASCAR program.

A nationally-recognized distributor of building products for the home improvement and construction industries was in search of ways to enhance their efforts to build customer loyalty. VMS was able to develop a comprehensive program that not only maximizes the revenue stream from soft drink vending but also builds consistency into the refreshment services. In addition, the locations are now availed the opportunity to offer other items such as coffee and popcorn free of charge to their customers.

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